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 Cookie has given birth! She has had 4 babies which are now for sale. If you wish to buy one, to be put on the waiting list or to reserve one please contact me as soon as possible.


Ditto                                                                  Sold                                          

Ditto is a smooth tri-colour.

Ditto is always eating and will eat carrots all day long! He loves attention and lots of fuss.   

Dippy                                                                Sold
Dippy is smooth with black and ginger fur.
He loves cuddles and lots of attention. He also enjoys carrots and cucumber.   

Dandelion (Dandy!)                                                 Sold
Dandy is a smooth tri-colour.
She is very curious and loves to explore. 

Dino                                                                     Sold
Dino is a smooth tri-colour. 
She is shy but very noisy! Dino also loves to eat.

          Sold                                                      Girl
Cake is a smooth tri-colour.
Cake is very friendly and loves cuddles. She is a little bit shy but curious.

Coffee                                                               Sold
Coffee is a smooth tri-colour.
Coffee is very friendly but very wriggly! She loves cuddles but is very curious.

Cream                                                         Not For Sale
Cream is a smooth tri-colour.
Cream loves cuddles. She is very human friendly and loves to eat!

Carrot                                                                Sold
Carrot is smooth with ginger fur.
Carrot loves carrots and is very speedy. She loves cuddles and like to talk!

Chewy                                                                Sold
Chewy is smooth with shades of ginger.                                                       
Chewy is very curious and eats anything!


Boy                                                              Sold
Bumble is a smooth tri-colour.
Bumble is shy but curious. He loves cuddles but also likes exploring. Bumble loves "popcorning", which is when they jump around. He also likes eating!


Girl                                                                  Sold
Bingo is a smooth tri-colour.                                                                                                      
Bingo is very adventurous. She also likes squeaking and has lots of energy. Bingo loves eating!


Girl                                                                   Sold
Bean is a smooth tri-colour.

Bean loves cuddles! She is not very adventurous but sometimes follows the others.


Boy                                                               Sold
Brownie is a smooth tri-colour.

Brownie is very curious and loves going on adventures. He also loves cuddles.


Asparagus (or Gus for short)
Boy                                                                    Sold
Gus is a smooth tri-colour.
He loves carrots and there is no stopping him once he has got food (like his father). Gus loves 'popcorning',
jumping about like a mini kangaroo. Gus is very cheeky and has an adorable personality.  


Almond (or Al for short)
Almond is a smooth tri-colour.                          
Al is very curious and loves to explore new places. He also loves cuddles, he is very friendly and loves lots of attention.


Girl                                                                   Sold
Angel is smooth coated with really shiny fur.
Angel is a little squeaker and a fast mover. Angel is also very gentle and loves carrots. She has a lovable character.
She is very calm and is very human friendly.



All the Guinea Pigs have been handled every day since they have been born so they are very human friendly and love being with children.
If you do not like the name when you buy the guinea pig, it will be fine to change it.
If you would like to have some more information or ask any questions, please contact



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